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 Meazzi Echomatic Model J


Vox Branded Meazzi Echomatic Model J


Wheel Assembly

(Apparently users of the model J don't use the word "Drum")


Close up of wheel assembly

Alan Jackson writes: "The wheel is a Lesa juke box turntable.  What the S.E.P. engineers did was to take the turntable off and simply turned it upside down and refitted it. 

The disc was originally underneath and was there to add 'mass' to the revolving turntable and had a flywheel function to maintain a steady speed to the system as the record was playing. 

To avoid wobble and wear in the bearing the disc had to be manufactured with great accuracy and the whole device was carefully balanced. 

This accuracy made it highly suitable for the purpose.

The S.E.P. technicians used it turned upside down, and fitted a rubber tyre on its circumference, which can be clearly seen. 

A tape loop has been eased on to the tyre and the 8 tape heads are assembled around the wheel; the usual record and erase heads and 6 playback heads. 

On the other side is a felt pad which is to clean the tape surface of oxide dust."





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