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Home Made Meazzi Style Echoes
Here is a unit built by Jacques Brun using an echo chassis from (probably) a Meazzi Manager.


The Chassis


The Completed Unit

Jacques writes:

"A friend gave me a chassis for a Meazzi echo chamber, probably from a Meazzi Manager amplifier.

The essential parts were there, motor, pulleys, 50KHz oscillator, an erase head, a record head and two replay heads.

The Meazzi decks are universally drilled to install all options. The rest of the components are very common, and a copy of an Echomatic was achieved by keeping only one input and replacing the four original push buttons by two rows of seven slide switches an easy solution offering multiple echo possibilities.

Five replay heads were added to provide seven different delays, but in use it emerged that the 1000ms the seventh head provided was too long.

This echo chamber quickly became my favourite Echo retiring my Binson to the closet!"

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